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21 mai 2004

These are the nine allegations of Aristide government corruption and mismanagement under investigation :

- That a former Aristide Cabinet minister made a $400,000 commission on the government’s purchase of a $1.2 million house for former President René Preval.

- A Colombian electricity company owed $5 million by the government allegedly collected $11 million from the Central Bank.

- That government funds were funneled to armed pro-Aristide gangs known as chimres.

- Government funds allegedly went to the construction of a university run by the private Aristide Foundation.

- There was a $13 million expenditure for the printing of Haitian currency in Germany and several other no-bid procurement contracts.

- That an Aristide Cabinet minister made huge profits through duty-free franchises to import rice.

- Government donations, including $1 million from the Central Bank, were made to the literacy Program Alpha. There is no accounting of how the money was spent.

- That Aristide government officials and supporters received kickbacks for deals between U.S. long-distance telephone companies and the Haitian government’s telephone company.

- Taiwan allegedly decided to give aid directly to two private foundations controlled by Aristide, instead of the Haitian government as in previous years.

SOURCE : Haitian government officials involved in the probes

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