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28 mars 2005

Source : Radio Vision 2000, Port-au-Prince, in Creole 1030 gmt 28 Mar 05

[Announcer] We will begin this newscast with the attack on the premises of the Provisional Electoral Council [CEP] on Friday [25 March]. Many gunshots were fired in the vicinity of the institution before a grenade exploded in front of the CEP’s main gate.

Patrick Fequiere, one of the CEP members, says he believes this attack is part of the climate of general insecurity that prevails in the country. According to Fequiere, it is the duty of the government, the police and Minustah [UN Stabilization Mission in Haiti] to take the necessary measures to create the normal security conditions that will allow the holding of the forthcoming elections in Haiti.

We recall that this attack did not cause too much damage to the premises. We recall that armed individuals started shooting in the vicinity of the premises and then a grenade exploded near [pauses] in front of the main gate.

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